5-minute fillers - 28 July


Try this classic water-themed game to keep your young people entertained.

How to play:

One person is the captain of the ship, and everyone else is the crew. Crewmates have to obey the captain's commands. The captain should start by introducing one command at a time, until everyone understands the actions, and then speed up the pace.

You can make up your own commands in this game, or ask your young people to think of some of their own - just make sure that the actions are safe in the space that you're in. Be aware of furniture and trip hazards if young people are running around indoors.

To start you off, here are some common commands:

  • Port - run to the left side of the captain
  • Starboard - run to the right side of the captain
  • Scrub the deck - drop to the floor and mime scrubbing
  • Captain's coming - stand up straight and salute
  • Climb the rigging - pretend to climb up a ladder
  • Attention on deck - shout 'aye aye captain!'
  • Up periscope - lie on back with one leg in the air
  • Seasick - pretend to be sick over the side of the boat

Make it more difficult:

Make the game competitive by eliminating anyone who is too slow to react or gets the action wrong. The people who are 'out' can assist the captain by watching out for wrong actions.

Speed the game up and fire instructions as fast as possible, until just one member of the crew is left in. They become the next captain and give instructions. 

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