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Need some support with your communications? For those who have never visited before, the Scout Print Centre is a free resource for adults in Scouting that allows you to create on brand communications quickly and easily.

Whether it’s a poster, flyer, banner, vacancy board or advert you need, we have hundreds of templates for you to adapt and use.

You can create a PDF free of charge and print at home, or place a bulk order with our commercial print partner, N2.

Getting started

Simply log in here and enter your username and password. If you do not know or have forgotten them, there are instructions on the log in page to request them. The Print Centre is available to all adult members of Scouting in the UK aged 18 and over. You have your own individual basket and account and can save amend and store materials you have created.

Here are five of the best templates available:

1. Recruitment Advert/generic template

Print Centre Blog Role Ad

How to find it: click on ‘Recruitment Materials’ then ‘Recruitment Advert A5P’

Useful for: recruiting adult volunteers and also as a general purpose poster or flyer template.

What’s so good about it? It’s super flexible. You can change the header, text, contact details and the image. You can also upload your own image into the template. Choose from a drop down menu which will prepopulate the ad with details relevant to the role. You just need to add in the contact details and name of the Group, District or County. Works just as well as at A4.

2. Meeting Place sign

Print Centre Blog Meeting Place Sign

How to find it: click on ‘Corporate Materials’ then ‘Signage’ then ‘Scout Signs 2015’.

Useful for: giving your meeting place a facelift and promoting your Group in the local area.

First impressions count so why not think about a new sign for your building? You can include contact details, section logos and choose from either one colour or full colour options.

3. The Four Week Challenge posters

Print Centre Blog Four Week Challenge

How to find them: click on ‘The Four Week Challenge’ from the homepage.

Useful for: recruiting new adult volunteers.

Sometime parents and other adults are wary of making a big volunteering commitment straight away. The Four Week Challenge lets them try Scouting for four weeks, with increasing levels of responsibility. By the end of this time, they can decide whether it’s for them or can walk away with a certificate from Bear Grylls!

4. Section Promise posters and certificates

Print Centre Blog Beaver Scout Promise

How to find them: click on ‘Section Materials’ then the relevant section name, e.g. ‘Beavers’.

Useful for: Supporting your section.

If you would prefer to use section branding, you can choose from some great templates especially for your Colony, Pack, Troop, Unit or Network.  For example, we have created special posters for you to display the relevant Promise. Or to make the award of a badge even more special, why not use a badge certificate? You can select the badge (which will automatically change the image and badge name) then personalise it with the young person’s name.

5. Minifig certificates

Print Centre Blog Minifig Certificate

How to find it: click on ‘Corporate materials’ ‘certificates’ ‘Congratulations – Be Super Proud Minifig’.                                                                                                                        

Useful for: a thank you or well done to a young person or adult

Who doesn’t like LEGO? Use this template to create a special thank you to a member of your section, Group, District or County. You can even select the mini figure character yourself to suit the recipient. Can also be used as a general fyler or poster.  

Anything else?

Log in today to access logos, guidelines, videos, Cubs100 materials and lots more. No specialist knowledge, fonts or design software are required.

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