#BoredomBusters – 14 June


Here are four great sport-themed activities for your section to try.


Craft: build your own mini stadium

Choose a level of difficulty to make this activity suit your section. You can make anything - from tiny stadiums made of spaghetti, to giant ones using pioneering poles!


Outdoor: scavenger hunt

Plan an incident hike or scavenger hunt out in the wilderness, or around your meeting place. Challenge your section to complete active challenges along the way, or to find sports-related objects.


Indoor: religious beliefs

Research the religious beliefs from some of the countries that participate in the Olympics or Commonwealth Games. This could be in the form of posters or a presentation.


Food: Come Dine With Me

Inspired by the TV show, help your section to plan and prepare a menu featuring food from a country that won a medal in the last Olympics. They’ll serve it to other members of the Group and receive a score for their food.

Come Dine 

For more sport-themed Programme ideas, have a look at this week's Badge Support blog.

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