#BoredomBusters – 21 June

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Here are four great activities to encourage your section to do more hiking.

Craft: make a memory book

Recording your hikes can be just as much fun as the hike itself, if you've got a nice book to write and draw in. Customise a plain notebook to make something unique.


Outdoor: plan a summer hike

Dust off your hiking boots and plan a hike to help your section achieve their next Hikes Away Staged Activity Badge.

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Indoor: lace your boots

Learning to lace your boots properly can make sure they stay comfortable during a full day of hiking. Turn these lacing techniques into a challenge - who can relace their boots the fastest? 


Food: DIY energy bars

Make sure everyone keeps going all day when they're out on the trail with these delicious and super easy snacks. They're even gluten free!


Use these Programme ideas around achieving the Hikes Away Staged Activity Badge - this week's badge support blog.

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