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Help your Scouts discover different faiths, beliefs and attitudes by completing the World Challenge Awards with these activity ideas. 

The World Challenge Awards inspire young people to take part in activities that help their community, learn about the roles others play in serving the community and explore the diverse religious and cultural traditions found in the UK and the world. 

Exploring different faiths, beliefs and attitudes enables young people in Scouting to contribute to building a more peaceful and tolerant society, while practicing our Scout Values.

BeaversMy World

One of the requirements for this award is to  ‘find out about and take part in an act of worship, reflection or celebration’. Beavers can begin to discover spiritual reflection by taking part in an activity that allows them to explore their thoughts through collage making and discussion.

The World Around US activity has been taken from Rise To The Challenge, and encourages Beavers to think about the world they live in, to reflect on things we can be grateful for, and the impact they can have in the world.  

CubsOur World

This award provides the opportunity for Cubs to explore their personal beliefs and attitudes, and appreciate those which are different from their own.

One of the requirements is to ‘find out about a faith or culture other than your own’. A fun way of doing this is planning a celebration night where Cubs can come together to learn about different faiths and beliefs represented in their community. They can go over the variations of the Promise and take part in activities that explores the celebration of Hindus, Muslims, Humanists, Atheists, Christians, Jews and Sikhs illustrated in this Inter Faith Week blog.

Promise parties celebrating Cubs 100 will be taking place across the UK on 16 December 2016. Why not consider tying the celebrations in with your Promise renewal party?


By completing this activity, also taken from the Rise To The Challenge, Scouts are supported to reflect on world or local events, and explore their own feelings and reactions, and those of others. Take the activity even further and ask your Scouts to gather in their Troops to talk about each other’s reactions. Encourage them to create an open space where they feel comfortable to share their views and opinions. In response, they can produce news stories, video or audio packages to tell stories in their local area. 

For more information and resources to help you deliver the faith, beliefs and attitudes elements of the World Challenge Awards, follow these links:   

Keep the Award requirements at hand, using the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts Badge and Award books.

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