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This summer is shaping up to be a season of sport, with the UEFA European Championship underway, and Brazil hosting the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics. Challenge your Scouts to take part in a sports badge to get them thinking about teamwork and fairness. You could also link this badge into international elements of your Programme, by exploring the cultures of some of the different countries that participate in worldwide sporting events.

For Beavers and Cubs taking part in our Cubs100 fundays, this badge could give them a taste of some of the activities they’ll be participating in. For older sections embarking on big trips abroad this summer, like Roverway, or the Iceland Moot in 2017, the team working and healthy competition skills they’ll develop through this badge will help them in future challenges. 


Beavers – Health and Fitness Activity Badge

For this badge, Beavers should participate in at least three different sporting activities, whether during or outside Scout meetings. This badge takes a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, and includes discussing and promoting healthy eating.

Why not encourage your Beavers to try a totally new sport or physical activity alongside this badge? They may find something they want to do as a hobby, or want to do again as part of the Programme. Scout Activity Centres provide a range of activities at centres around the UK. 


Cubs – Athletics Activity Badge

For Cubs, the requirements of this badge make it possible to do in one or two outdoor sessions, or on camp. The Cubs can choose the activities they would like to do, picking from the options in order to complete all the badge requirements.

Cubs can achieve their badge by taking part in a school, Pack or District sports day, as long as it gives them the opportunity to take part in all the activities listed by the badge requirements. Have a look at our badge resource, created for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, for some more ideas for sport-related activities. 


Scouts - Athletics Activity Badge 

Scouts need to participate in six athletic events, many of which will feature in the athletics competition at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Your Scouts can compare their scores against those of Olympians.

Try using some of the activities in our resources, inspired by London 2012, in order to bring the spirit of sport and teamwork into your Group. You can try these games and activities before and after your section undertake their Athletics Activity Badge.


Explorers - Athletics Activity Badge 

Explorers should challenge themselves to try out athletic disciplines that they’re not already skilled in, and share their learning with the rest of the Unit. They need to participate in at least two competitions or demonstrations, either at Scouts or as part of an external club.

Explorers could work together to plan and run their own event – like a mini Olympics. This activity could also be used as an opportunity to learn about the culture of other countries, as part of the International Activity Badge. Ensure that the Explorers stay safe during the activities, and take responsibility for their own safety. 


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