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Backwoods Cooking

Going on camp is a rite of passage in Scouting, no matter how old the young person – or leader! Camp is a great time to work towards badges and to try some exciting new things, like cooking recipes on an open fire. If you have an outdoor space at your meeting place, you might want to try a few recipes out with your section before taking them to camp.

While you’re cooking with your section, consider baking a few extra treats to sell to family and friends. Our Tea Prepared fundraising pack will give you lots of ideas for raising money through bake sales and tea parties throughout June, inspired by the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations - including The Patron’s Lunch, taking place on June 12th.


Beavers: Camp Craft Activity Badge

This is a great badge to work towards in advance of, or during, a sleepover or Group camp. As well as learning practical skills, like how to put up a tent and tie a reef knot, Beavers can also have fun cooking on a fire or barbeque.

Try making this campfire classic next time your section builds a wood fire. Made from just three ingredients – flour, sugar and water – Dampers are simple for Beavers to make. Mix the dough by hand, wrap it around a stick and eat with jam when golden brown.

And make sure you balance the sweet treats with active games and activities, which will help your section burn off some energy. Have a look at our brand new Beaver Health and Fitness Activity Badge for some inspiration.


Cubs: Backwoods Cooking Activity Badge

Cubs can earn this badge on camp during an afternoon of backwoods cooking. They’ll need to light their fire and prepare it for cooking on. Then, they can choose the food they’d like to cook and eat.

Scout Activity Centres have some great campfire recipe ideas to get your Cubs cooking away on their fires. Make sure they extinguish it fully after they finish cooking, and know how to stay safe around a fire.


Scouts: Camper Activity Badge

This badge will require the Scouts to participate in several camps, in order to achieve at least 15 nights sleeping under canvas. The cooking part of this badge will require some planning prior to camp, as the Scouts need to devise a menu for a weekend camp, and cook one meal from it. The Scouts will need to consider quantities, food prices and portion sizes as well as just their favourite recipe.

Here’s a great twist on a classic recipe for eggy bread which can be cooked on a fire or a stove – it’s a firm favourite for a warm and filling camp breakfast.


Things to remember:

·      Ensure young people stay safe when lighting and cooking on their fires. Read through these tips for lighting fires from Scout Activity Centres.

·      Plan ahead to cater for dietary requirements. With some forward planning, most menus can be adapted to meet the needs of all members of the section, which will help everyone to feel valued and included. Have a look at our factsheet about catering for people with Coeliac Disease, and also at Scouts Scotland’s information about various dietary requirements, featuring tips and menu ideas.

·      Each young person who participates in the Programme should face a similar degree of challenge. Badge requirements can be adapted according to each young person's abilities.


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