Activity| Five-minute fillers week 34

Five Min Filler 34

This game is all about listening. It's good to get your Scouts refocused if you've had a noisy session and need some calmer, quiet time.


How to play:

Get your Scouts to name the four corners of the room you're in. This could be colours, names of patrols or anything else they like. 

Ask one of the Scouts to stand in the middle of the room.

The Scout in the middle closes their eyes and counts down from 10 to zero. 

As they are counting down, the rest of the Scouts should each silently pick a corner and make their way towards it. They should be at their chosen corner by the end of the countdown.

The Scout counting down should listen out for any noises to help them guess which corner the Scouts are creeping towards.

Once they count down to zero, with their eyes still shut, the Scout in the middle chooses a corner they think has the most Scouts in it. (This is usually the noisiest corner.)

The Scouts in that corner are out.

The game carries on until there is a winner.


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