Five-minute filler | 7 July

Five Min Filler 33

This game is all about quick-thinking. It's creative and gets your Scouts using their imaginations!

How to play Freeze:

Ask your Scouts to pair up and decide who is number one and who is number two.

Tell Scout number one to create a freeze-frame with their body.

Now tell Scout number two to create their own freeze frame that compliments Scout number one’s. Ask them not to think about it too much, just to go with it.

For example, Scout number one may have created a freeze-frame by pretending to blow out candles on a cake, and Scout number two may then freeze pretending to sing and clap.

Scout number one should now unfreeze and create a new pose that compliments Scout number two's pose that they are still holding.

For example, they stop blowing out the candles. They now make a compliemntary freeze-frame by pretending Scout number two is singing and clapping at a concert, so they stand up and freeze like a performer in a band.

Keep going, and once your section has got the hand of it, clap each time they need to swap freeze-frames.


Make it difficult:

Shorten the amount of time they have to think of a freeze-frame by clapping more frequently.

Link it to this week's Badge Support Blog (which focuses on cycling) by asking your Scouts to create freeze-frames relating to sport.

If you want more five-minute fillers ideas, take a look at last week's game here.

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