Activity| Five-minute fillers week 32

Five Min Fil

This quick game is all about rhythm. It's good to get your Scouts focused, and it's sure to cause some giggling! 

How to play:

Ask your group to get into a circle.

Start off by teaching your Scouts a steady rhythm which they will all make. It goes: clap, clap, right hand click, left hand click.

Make sure that your Scouts have got the rhythm before you continue. Then choose a person who will start the game and you can introduce the rules.

The Scout who starts the game must think of a random word and, when the rhythm is going, must say it in time with their right hand click.

The Scout to their left must then say this word on their right hand click, and also say a new word, associated with the last word, on their left hand click.

Go around the circle clockwise, each time the next person should repeat the last person's word and then come up with their own related word, to the beat of the rhythm.

Keep going until you've made it all the way around the circle.


Make it difficult:

Encourage your Scouts to think fast by speeding up the rhythm.

Link it to this week's Badge Support blog (which focuses on the World Challenge Awards) by asking your Scouts to theme the words to reflect the part of the UK they are from.


Looking for more quick games to play? Take a look at this high-energy game.  

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