Five-minute fillers | 21 June

Five Min Week31


This game is all about team work. It's high-energy and lots of fun!

How to play:

Make a circle using chairs facing inwards. Have a chair for each Scout playing the game.

Ask your Scouts to take a seat and then ask for a volunteer to stand in the middle of the circle, leaving one spare chair.

Explain that the idea is that everyone is in a waiting room. (bear with us- the enery comes in next.)

The aim for the Scout stood in the middle is to sit down in the spare chair. The aim for the Scouts sat down is to keep swapping chairs so they can't.

When the Scout in the middle tries to sit down, the Scout sat to the right of the empty chair needs to leave their chair and try to sit on the empty chair before the Scout in the middle.

Then the same happens with the new empty chair- it will be filled by the Scout that was sat next to the empty chair, or (if they are quick enough) the Scout that was in the middle.

Seated Scouts can only fill the chair to their left.

This carries on until the Scout in the middle sits down on a chair. 


 Make it difficult:

Ask for an extra volunteers and have more than one Scout in the middle of the circle with the aim of sitting down.

Add extra rules such as changing direction each time you clap your hands.

Add a rule where when you say 'Next please!' everyone needs to switch chairs and Scouts can move in any direction across the circle.


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