Activities you can do without a permit

Land Based Activities You Don 't Need A Permit For

Don’t let not having a permit put you off doing adventurous activities. Here are some easy to deliver adventure ideas.


Why not hire in your local mobile wall, go bouldering, or take on the challenge of a rotating climbing wall. All of these can be done without a permit and create great challenge and adventure for young people.


Cycling in your local area or parks is an easy activity to deliver. Get your group to bring their bikes along, and request a visit from your local Halfords store to help make sure the bikes are ready to use. You can use Cycle Route to find a route near you.

Full information about organising road cycling and off-road cycling can be found on our A-Z of activities. Check out your local British Cycling Sky Rides for help in making this happen. Before setting out make sure everyone wears a helmet.


Fencing is an excellent activity for all ages, use foam and plastic sword alternatives and even LED lightsabre versions which make you look like certain sci-fi characters. British Fencing have clubs around the country who are keen to involve more young people, find your local club at

Nature walks

Nature walks are great for observing the local wildlife and exploring the wilderness. Whether you plan to head to your local park, woodland or National Park, if you stick within Terrain 0 you won’t need a permit. For more information about hillwalking, check out our A-Z of activities.  

Obstacle courses

You can set up your own obstacle course at a camp, or visit a Scout Activity Centre where there is a course already set up for you. This activity is perfect for challenging your group and helping to grow individuals’ confidence.


Orienteering is fun, adventurous and testing. Cubs and Beavers will love the challenge! For more information on running orienteering check out our A-Z of activities.

Pony trekking

For an unforgettable day out, organise a ride on ponies. To find out how to organise a ride, check out our pony trekking guidance and visit The British Horse Society

Winter Sports

Get down to your local snowdome or dry ski slope and arrange some activities for your group. This could be sledging and ringo sessions through to skiing or snowboarding lessons. All of these can be done without a permit as they are on artificial slopes and provide a great opportunity for all involved to develop skills ready for hitting the real snow. For more information on winter sports check out our skiing and snowboarding guidance.

There’s more you can do!

There are also plenty of traditional Scouting activities such as pioneering, fire lighting, and backwoods cooking that don’t need a permit and can be part of your group’s next adventure.

Check out the Scout Activity Centres resources for more advice, top tips and teaching resources.

You can find more activity ideas and guidance in our A-Z of activities. There are also many opportunities for Members to take part in other activities which are not specifically covered in the activity rules and that don’t need a permit, so why not take a look at POR rule 9.77 and speak to your District or County team for support. 


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