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There are so many reasons why it’s important to recycle. Did you know that if every Scout in the UK recycled one more plastic milk bottle, it’d save enough energy to power their primary school for one and a half months? Our Movement has the power to make a huge difference!

Recycle Now is the national recycling campaign (so they know their stuff).Their recycling expert, Alice Harlock, has passed on her inside knowledge to us with these top recycling tips:


  • Make recycling as easy as possible by making sure that you give your recycling a designated home in each room. You’ll remember to recycle more if you have the option to do it right in front of you.
  • Use bags, boxes or bins to separate your plastic, paper, card, metal and glass items. Make it your weekly goal to try and fill these as full as possible.
  • Label your bags, boxes or bins clearly with ‘plastic’ ‘paper’  ‘card’ ‘metal’ and ‘glass’ so you don’t get your recycling items mixed up.
  •  Remember that you can recycle items from all over your home, not just your kitchen. Lots of bathroom and bedroom items can be recycled too. A few examples are shampoo bottles, cleaning bottles, toilet roll tubes and toothpaste boxes.
  •  Flatten all of your cardboard boxes so that you have extra space for recycling.
  •  As well as cardboard boxes, newspapers, magazines, shoeboxes and the inner tubes of kitchen foil or wrap can be recycled.
  •  If you’re unsure which items you can recycle, simply follow this link to the Recycle Now website and pop your postcode into the Recycling Locator to find out what to do with your items. 


Heard about the ‘Ready, Set, Recycle’ challenge we’re running with Recycle Now? Want the chance to win a special prize for your section? The ‘Ready, Set, Recycle’ challenge is a great way to help the environment, win an amazing prize and be crowned ‘top recyclers’!

Find out more at

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Get busy, get inspired and follow Alice’s top tips to help your section reach the top!

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