Activity| Five-minute fillers week 30

Five -minute Fillers WC 30 May

Inject some fun into your meeting with this quick, high-energy activity

This game requires Scouts to listen and to be aware of what’s happening around them.

How to play:

Ask your Scouts to spread out and find a space in the hall. Stand somewhere in the hall where you’re visible to everyone.

Blow a whistle to signal to everyone to start walking. Scouts should use as much of the space as possible. Blow the whistle again to signal to them to stop.

Do this a couple of times and then introduce a new signal by blowing the whistle twice to gesture to the Scouts to run around the room. Blow the whistle twice to stop them running.

Interchange between walking and running by changing the whistle signal. A Scout is called out of the game if they make the mistake of running or walking when they are not supposed to be.

Make it difficult:

Instead of blowing the whistle to signal to the Scouts, they now have to walk or run in silence trying to signal to each other when to start and stop as a group. Scouts who move independent of the group should be called out of the game.

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