Activity | five-minute fillers week 27

5Min Fillers

Here’s a great idea to fill five minutes and bring out the budding engineers in your section.

For this activity, you’ll need some old newspapers and tape. Divide the group up into teams of about five and give them a newspaper and a roll of tape each. Challenge them to build a structure which is freestanding, and which one of the members of their team must be able to fit inside.

Set a time limit for the teams, and encourage everyone in the group to take an active role. If the teams are really struggling, show them how to make strong, rigid lengths of paper by tightly rolling a sheet from corner to corner along the diagonal and securing it with tape.

When the time is up, ask everyone to step away from their creations to make sure they are freestanding, and to prove that one member of the group can get inside the structure. You could offer prizes for most attractive design, sturdiness and roominess for the person inside.

For more activity ideas for your section, have a look at our weekly #BoredomBusters activity series.

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