Activity | Five-minute fillers week 25


In honour of Star Wars Day, try this fun five-minute activity with your section this week.

This is a Star Wars-themed twist on the classic party game, Pin The Tail On The Donkey – except you’ll be asking your section to Pin The Lightsaber On Yoda.

You’ll need to print off a picture of Yoda, and attach it to a pin board or noticeboard. If you don’t have one, you can tack it to a wall instead. You’ll also need to cut out long strips of paper, one for each member of your section. Make sure there is plenty of space around it, and that there aren’t any obstacles like tables or trailing wires.

Give each young person a strip of paper (lightsaber) with a piece of tape or tack attached to one end of it. Get them to line up and then ask the first person to step forward. Using a necker as a blindfold, cover their eyes and spin them three times. Stop them when they’re facing the picture of Yoda, and ask them to walk towards the picture and pin their lightsaber on him.

Do the same for all the young people. Remember who pinned the lightsaber closest to Yoda’s hand and reveal the winner at the end.

Happy Star Wars Day, and may the fourth be with you! For more activity ideas, have a look at this week’s #BoredomBusters.

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