#BoredomBusters - week 24

Velcroball Finished

Four top-notch activities to zap that boredom!


Craft: Scrap cloth desk tidy 

See, there was a reason for you to keep that old t-shirt you literally haven't worn in 10 years. Get it out and cut it up to make an upcycled desk tidy.

 Scrap Cloth Pencil Holder

Outdoor: Make a tiny raft

As usual, summer has arrived in spring, so make the most of it and do some rafting outdoors.

 Tiny Raft With Anchor

Indoor: Velcro catch ball

Don't pack away your winter wardrobe just yet, you'll need some gloves to play this game. 

 Velcroball Materials

Food: Pepperoni pizza pull apart bread

Cheesy, herby pizza bread that you can put together in 15 minutes. Winning!

 Pepperoni Pizza Bread

For more boredom busting ideas check out last week's #boredombusters.

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