#BoredomBusters - week 23

Boredom Busters - Week 23

Four enjoyable activities to battle boredom.

Craft: Air-drying clay 

Encourage your Scouts to make their favourite written story come alive! Mould the characters in the story out of air-drying clay and decorate them with sequins. 

Air -drying Clay   

Outdoor: DIY bowling set

Your Scouts will enjoy making and setting up their own bowling game, why not create multiple bowling lanes and host a bowling competition outside the Scout Hut?

DIY Bowling Set  

Indoor: Egg experiments  

Here is one eggsanely cool indoor experiment that turns an egg into a bouncy ball! All the experiment requires is a few eggs and different types of consumable liquids that can be in the home.

Egg Experiments

Food: Sausage Egg Boats

Cook them in the oven or better still cook them over the campfire, however you cook them your Scouts will enjoy this quick and delicious treat.

Sausage Egg Boats

For more boredom busting ideas check out last weeks #boredombusters.

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