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The Personal Challenge Award is a great opportunity to recognise and focus on a young person’s personal development, as it involves each young person completing two personal challenges. We’ve gathered some ideas and resources to help your section learn more about themselves and gain the Personal Challenge Award Badge.

Beavers Personal Challenge Award

Remind your Beavers that their challenge can be to do with any part of their life, for example, home, school or Beavers.  If they have a pet, why not suggest that they take responsibility for feeding it every morning for a week? Use this handy pet care for kids site as guidance.


Cubs Personal Challenge Award  

When choosing their challenge, encourage your Cubs to consider the things they’re good at and things they would like to be better at. Use this example challenge list to kick start their creativity.


Scouts Personal Challenge Award

Try this ‘What am I good at’ activity before asking your Scouts to present their final challenge. Focusing on their personal development should provide a source of inspiration for their challenges. 


Things to remember:

  • Challenges should be meaningful and individual to the young person.
  • Each challenge should be difficult, but achievable with effort and commitment.
  • The young person should have ownership, with one challenge being developed by the young person and the other developed in partnership with a leader.


Head over to our Facebook page to tell us about the challenges that your young people have worked towards.


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