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International is one of the elements that makes up a quality programme. It’s also an amazing way to provide young people in Scouting with the opportunity to learn about the world.

Global programme activities give young people in Scouting a better understanding of a variety of different cultures, and awareness of global issues, to enable them to contribute to a more tolerant and peaceful world. Take a look at our Global Programme timeline to see how this part of the Scout Programme helps young people discover the world as they move through Scouting right up until they leave Scout Network at age 25. 

An International Activity Badge is available for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers, and a resource pack is available to support you with each badge.  For Beavers, Cubs and Scouts completing their badge, they will also be one step closer to earning their World Challenge Award.

Beavers - International Activity Badge

Through joining the Colony and working towards their Membership Award, Beavers hopefully have a sense of being part of a worldwide family of Scouting.  As part of this badge, they can enjoy finding out about Beaver Scouts (or the equivalent) around the world. For some basic information, print page 7 of the resource pack for this badge. 

To find out more about Scouting around the world, the World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM) website is a great place to start – take a look at their comprehensive list of all the countries where Scouting takes place.

To help Beavers learn about different flags, while also getting active, try BEAR’s International Scavenger Hunt.

Cubs - International Activity Badge

One of the requirements of this badge it to create a passport for a country of the Cubs’ choosing. Challenge them to do some research into the country – things like landmarks, currency, national dress, food, religion, cultures, customs and languages. The Become a Digital Detective activity could be used to do this. The Cubs can then design covers and create passport documents that include all of their research. They could also create a passport for themselves or a friend, describing their own culture, language and beliefs.

 This activity, along with many more, can be found in the resource pack for this badge.

Scouts - International Activity Badge 

Participating in the traditional craft or creative activities of a country, as part of this badge, is a great way to start exploring it’s culture. If Scouts really enjoy this activity, they could develop their skills further, in doing a craft project to earn their Craft Activity Badge.

Explore the indigenous culture of Australia by creating some Aboriginal dot art – beautiful intricate patterns that you can create with brushes or natural materials like sticks. 

Get more support for this badge by using the resource pack.

Explorers - International Activity Badge 

Your Explorers can achieve part of this badge by running an international evening – this could include food tasting or cooking, cultural performances, craft activities or a quiz. The evening could focus in depth on a particular country, or compare different cultures and customs.

You could incorporate Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) or Jamboree on the Air (JOTA), which happens in October into your programme.

Network – Chief Scout’s Diamond Award/Queen’s Scout Award

Scout Network members who are working towards their Chief Scout’s Diamond Award or their Queen’s Scout Award will need to complete four or six activities from the International Community and Values (ICV) list respectively.

For the International part of the list, this could involve supporting a younger section to gain their International Activity Badge, using the resource packs for support.

Alternatively, they could play an active role in an International camp in the UK or in another country, or take part in a project with an international development organization.

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