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Hobbycraft Cu Artist 2015

Creative arts are a great way to allow your young people to express themselves, who they are and how they feel. For young people, having a safe space to be themselves is really important to support personal development and emotional wellbeing.  Our attendance at Pride sends the message that Scouting can be this space, and learning about/discussing this within your section can be really valuable.

The Creative Activity Badge and Artist Activity Badge encourage Beavers and Cubs to use their imaginations whilst celebrating freedom of expression through all kinds of art forms. As this year’s Pride season is just beginning, what better time to creatively celebrate Scouting’s commitment to diversity and remind all of your young people that you can be yourself in Scouting? 

We’ve gathered some ideas and resources to help your section get crafty.

Beavers Creative Activity Badge

Hobbycraft's activity ideas are a great source of inspiration for this Badge. How about making thier beaded African bracelet with your Beavers, using all the colours of the rainbow to show your support of Pride.

Cubs Artist Activity Badge 

For this Badge your Cubs will need to complete three arty activities, so start things off with this Hobbycraft still life drawing idea. Transform the activity and celebrate the start of Pride by encouraging your Cubs to swap around the colours of their drawing. How about a fruit bowl filled with pink apples, blue bananas and red oranges?

Scouts and Explorers

Encourage your older sections to get involved by making their own rainbow woggles using some rainbow paracord and this knotting technique. 


Things to remember:

Whatever your sexual orientation or gender identity, Pride is a great opportunity to celebrate diversity and promote inclusion in Scouting.  

You can find out more about Pride and attending events across the UK on our website here.  

Or why not read this blog for more information and a list of Pride events.

Read this blog to find out why attending Pride with Scouts is so important to some young people in Scouting.


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