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Five Minute Filler Group Story

Here’s a creative way to spend five minutes creating a completely original story as a team

Together your Scouts can make their own story in just a few minutes!

To make a fairy tale story as a group, the rules of the game are pretty simple. First you will need to form a circle. Going in a clockwise direction when it’s their turn, each Scout will need to say one word that builds the story. The story must start off with the sentence ‘once upon a time’.

To start the story off correctly, Scout number one will say ‘once’, Scout number two will say ‘upon’, Scout number three will say ‘a’, Scout number four will say ‘time’. Scout number five then needs to follow up with a word that takes the story further. Continue to go around the circle until your story comes to a natural end (or when you’ve run out of ideas of where your story can go). 

Nothing is too weird, silly or outrageous to be included in your story. Scouts should be encouraged to think on their feet! 

To make this game a little more challenging, try giving them a time limit like having only three minutes to create a story in smaller groups. Or why not change the genre of the story? Create an adventure, ghost (great for camps) or rhyming one!     

As an extra activity you can write your story down and turn it into a book.

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