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Everyone is welcome to join the adventure that Scouting offers, regardless of sexuality or gender identity. Applications are now open for members to join us at the 2016 Pride in London celebrations, so we’ve put together this guide to getting involved in Pride events with The Scout Association.

What is a Pride event? 

Pride events are open to all, and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. LGBTQ+ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning and others. It’s a term which encompasses a diversity of sexuality and gender identity-based cultures and is often used during Pride events and Pride related communications. 

What happens at a Pride event? 

All Pride events are different – that’s part of the fun! Different events suit different people – some people will prefer larger parades whereas others might enjoy an event with a more local feel. Last year was our 7th year attending Pride in London. We were joined by over 125 adult volunteers and Explorer Scouts, including the UK Youth Commissioner team, members of the UK Chief Commissioner team and Regional Commissioners. 

Why do we attend Pride events? 

Attending Pride events is one way in which The Scout Association demonstrates our commitment to building a more inclusive society and showing that we openly welcome LGBTQ+ members in the Movement. 

How can I get involved?

If you’d like to attend Pride in London this year with The Scout Association and are age 16+, you can apply here

If you have any questions about Pride in London 2016 please contact

Other Pride events

We attend plenty of Pride events round the country, supported by FLAGS Scout Active Support Unit

Here are the Pride events we will be attending in 2016: 

Birmingham Pride – 28/05/2016

Oxford Pride – 04/06/2016

Blackpool Pride  - 11/06/2016

Portsmouth Pride  - 18/06/2016

London Pride – 25/06/2016

Edinburgh Pride – 02/07/2016

Essex Pride – 09/07/2016

Hull Pride – 16/07/2016

Brighton and Hove Pride – 06/08/2016

Pride Cymru – 13/08/2016

Manchester Pride – 27/08/2016 

If you would like to join us and attend a Pride event, you can view the Pride event details on the FLAGS Facebook events page.  When the time comes to register your attendance at the event, you will need to do this either through the link on the Facebook page or by clicking through from the event email you will receive from Constant Contact, inviting all registered FLAGS members to sign up to the event.  Once registered, you will receive updates from the lead contacts for the event.  If there are any payments due, i.e. camp costs, accommodation, etc., then you can pay this safely and securely via this platform using PayPal.  

If you are aware of a Pride event in your local area which isn't featured on our calendar, if you are interested in being a lead contact for your local pride in your District or County or if you have any questions in relation to Pride events and FLAGS Active Support Unit support of them, please email the Pride Coordinator at, who can provide additional support, advice and assistance.

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