Activity | Five-minute fillers week 24

5Min 24

Here's a really fun and easy five-minute energy-boosting game.

Start by teaching everyone in your section the rules to Rock, Paper, Scissors. For Beavers, it may be helpful to have these printed or represented pictorially somewhere in the meeting place so they can refer back to it if they forget. Then, tell the group they will be having a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament.

Have your section split themselves into pairs around the room. Then, instruct them all to simultaneously play Rock, Paper, Scissors three times.

When one person emerges as the winner, the loser must then stand behind him or her and become their cheerleader - clapping and cheering them on with enthusiasm as they go on to challenge another winner on the other side of the room. They play Rock, Paper, Scissors (again, best of three). The loser and their cheerleader now both become cheerleaders for the winner.

As it gets down to the last two people, the rest of the section will be behind one or the other of them, shouting their name and cheering them on. This is a great way of boosting energy in the room if it is flagging - the cheering and excitement is infectious. Reset the pairs and have another go to see who emerges as champion this time.

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