Activity | #BoredomBusters – Week 19

Capture The Flag

Try something new this week with four more great activities

Craft: make a recycled birdfeeder

Make sure you don’t throw away that plastic bottle – with just a couple of small amendments, you can upcycle it into a birdfeeder. Personalise each feeder using weatherproof materials like non-toxic paint, and be careful when poking holes through the plastic.


Outdoor: capture the flag

Take advantage of the long, light evenings to play a classic wide game – capture the flag – which involves the whole section. If you don’t have any small flags, try using neckers or even an object like a stuffed toy.

Capture The Flag

Indoor: pendulum painting

Create some unique, science-based art using the forces of motion and gravity, a swinging pendulum and a pot of paint. Make sure you put down some newspaper – it could get messy!


Food: mini lemon meringue pies

Celebrate the arrival of spring sunshine with these amazing lemon yellow cupcakes. To speed things up on a Scouts night, we’ll let you cheat and use shop-bought lemon curd.


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