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Nights Away Staged Activity Badge

Camping season is fast approaching. We’ve come up with a list of ideas to make nights away an extra special adventure as well as tips on how to achieve the Nights Away Staged Activity Badge.

Don’t forget you can work towards other activity badges and challenge award at the same time!  

Make a travel tracker journal

There are multiple Nights Away Staged Activity Badges to achieve and each badge represents the number of nights your Scouts have been away.

To keep a track of their nights away, suggest making a travel journal to jot down their adventures. We love this travel journal example that can be created using materials out of the Scout cupboard.

One night away

Organising a sleepover is a great way to introduce staying away from home to Beavers and Cubs for a short period of time. Turn your Scout hut into a fort of blankets with this activity. Beavers and Cubs will love the chance to bring in their favourite blanket – they may even have a camp blanket with fun badges they have collected. They can decorate their own group blanket at the sleepover or try their hand at these awesome sleepover activities.

Two to three nights away

There’s lots of fun to be had on group residential trips. These nights away are important when introducing Scouts to a new environment. They provide enough adventure and comfort for first-timers so that they don't miss home too much. Plan your next residential with Scout Activity Centres.

Four to five nights away

Challenge or competition themed camps are a great way to keep camps interesting and different each time. Set up competition camps that test Scouts and Explorers on their Scouting skills like pioneering, cooking, foraging, knot tying, map reading and first aid.

10 nights away

Scouts and Explorers enjoy the challenge of camping for longer periods of time. Challenge your Group to design their own expedition using different modes of travel. They can go on foot, by bicycle, by boat, by canoe or kayak, or on horseback. The Group can mix it up a bit in terms of where they stay which could be in a hostel or a campsite. Some resilient Scouts might want to camp for the entire trip!

The Explorer Belt Award fits this amount of time and has an international dimension too! 

The Nights Away Staged Activity Badge continues to up 200 nights away. To help your Group increase their number of nights away, try to plan sleepovers, residentials, camps and expeditions about twice a year.

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