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Now that spring is here it is a better time than any to explore the outdoors to see what wonderful new species, plants and trees the season brings.

Beavers – Gardening Badge

Beaver Scouts can learn the basics of how things grow by working towards their Gardening Activity Badge. For this badge they need to demonstrate they understand what plants need in order to grow. Try this simple bean growing experiment that only requires cotton balls, water, plastic sealed bags and of course some beans.      

Cubs – Naturalist Badge

Get your Cub Scouts out and about and visit the pond to take part in a pond dipping activity. There they can learn how to identify different types of pond life. Give this activity a go.

Going on a scavenger hunt is another way to teach Cub Scouts identification skills. This scavenger hunt activity is great for the springtime.  

Scouts – Naturalist Badge 

The ancient tree hunt is a great activity to get Scouts exploring the forests and woodlands. In this activity, Scouts learn how to identify tress and estimate how old there are. You can turn this activity into a competition by rewarding the Scouts who are able to find the oldest trees in an area.

Explorers – Naturalist Badge

The next time you have a camp, why not suggest to your Explorers that they work out different ways of conservation cooking. Their next meal could be made in a pizza box like this activity.

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