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Global Issues Activity Badge

This week, we’re looking at how you can support your young people to talk and develop their understanding of the world by achieving the Global issues Activity Badge!

It’s not all about going abroad to make a change – there are plenty of exciting ways to bring global issue themes into your Scout Hut each evening!

Beavers – Global Issues Badge

Take a look at the Beavers Global Issues Activity Pack for some great ideas on helping your Colony achieve their Global Issues Badge. There are plenty of activities in the pack, from trying different Fairtrade products to creating your very own (paper) zoo!

Cubs – Global Issues Badge

The Cub Global Issues Activity Pack will help your Cubs work through five sections to achieve their Badges. They’ll get to learn about international charities and the work they do overseas, as well as taking part in an awareness day or week themselves.

Scouts – Global Issues Badge

The Scouts Global Issues Activity Pack will help your Scouts explore some of the issues they’ve looked at in earlier sections in more depth. From discussing issues like HIV and AIDs to looking at human rights in the UK and abroad, they can use this pack to work through their Global Issues Badge.

Explorers and Network – Explorer Belt

The Explorer Belt is the challenge of a lifetime! Explorers (16+) and Network members can take part in a ten day expedition to help them get to grips with the realities of life in different countries. They’ll work in a small team to complete a series of Scouting projects, and more importantly will be able to meet local people, understand global issues in that country and share their experiences.

Explorers and Network – Queen’s Scout Award

Explorers (16+) and Network members can get their fill of international adventures as they work towards their Queen’s Scout Award. The International, Environmental and Values (IEV) list details some of the ways in which Explorers can achieve the International part of the award.

Network – Scouts of the World Award

The Scouts of the World Award (SOWA) is exclusive to Network members in the UK. It’s part of an award which is shared with more than 50 National Scout Associations and aims to support young people to develop skills and knowledge to bring about change within their local and international communities and support society on a global (as well as local) level.

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