Activity | Five-minute fillers game week 21

Ten Second Game

This quick, easy, equipment-free game will get your young people moving and test their creativity! The wait is over for this week's five-minute filler: Shape Shifters!

How to play

Divide everyone into groups of 4-6 people.

Call out the name of an object.

Ask all groups to make the shape of that object out of their bodies.

They have ten seconds to create the best representation of that object - count down from ten to nought aloud.

The group that looks the most like the object wins.

Object ideas:

A car, a fried breakfast, a clock, a washing machine, a fire. You could source inspiration from a badge you are working towards or an event you are planning.


Make things more difficult

Call out more diificult objects. Or give groups a couple of minutes to think of and create an object of their own choice, which the rest of the group can then try to guess.


Take a look at another five-minute filler: The cup game!

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