Five-minute filler | 9 May

Fillers 22

Take on an oldie-but-goodie and give it a twist this week, with our take on the classic memory game ‘I went to market…’

There’s a little bit more to this game than purely memory – it’s about encouraging your young people to use mental associations and mnemonics to remember the long list of items they’ll come up with.

How to play

Divide your young people into groups of 3-5

Give them a theme: we like using ‘camp’ for younger sections and the name of a badge that your young people are working towards for slightly older ones.

The first person starts: ‘I went to market and bought a…’ (In this example we’ll use a rucksack.)

The second person continues: ‘I went to market and bought a rucksack and a…’

They continue round the group and get knocked out if they cannot remember the whole list. The winner is the last person remaining.


Make it more difficult

Add a new rule where each new thing they bought from the market needs to start with the last letter of the word before. Or ask your young people to do a rhyming 'I went to the market...' and see how long they can make the list.

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