Activity | Five-minute fillers week 23

5Min 23

Inspired by Earth Day, here's an eco-themed five-minute game to get your section thinking.

Compile a list of everyday items that we throw away all the time with the help of your section and leadership team. Be sure to include a mixture of recyclable and non-recyclable items, plus some that will spark debate.

Label two opposite walls in your hall - one side is 'Recyclable' and the other is 'Non-recyclable'. Make sure you define these terms, and that the whole group understands what they mean before the game starts.

Have all the young people stand in the centre of the hall, and then call out the name of something that families throw away every day, like a milk carton. The young people must decide whether they think the item is recyclable or non-recyclable, and run to the appropriate side of the hall. Bring them all back into the centre and then call out the next item.

When there is a split in the group, ask the opposing sides to justify their choice and spark some debate about what can and can't be recycled, and why.

You could use this five-minute filler to talk about Earth Day (April 22nd) or as a precursor to the Recycle Now challenge.  

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