Activity | Five-minute fillers week 20

Five Minute Fillers 20

With the Easter Weekend upon us, why not try playing this fun variation on Simon Says with your section! 

How to play: 

For older sections, nominate a young person as the Easter Bunny; for Beavers and Cubs the volunteer can take on this part. The Easter Bunny will instruct the rest of the group to carry out actions, beginning with the phrase ‘The Easter Bunny says…’ 

You can theme the actions to Easter (or other relevant holidays throughout the year). For example: hopping, wrinkling noses and pretending to hunt for eggs are all activities which any good Easter Bunny might do. 

If the Easter Bunny gives an instruction which isn’t prefaced with ‘The Easter Bunny says…’, the young people should ignore it. Any child who does the action is out! The winner is the last young person (or people) standing. 

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