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To mark Safer Internet Day, we've come up with this list of ways in which you can support your Scouts to achieve their Digital Citizen Staged Activity Badge.

Stage 1 

We love this blog, featuring a list of bits of software which will help you and your young people start making their own simple animations. Perfect for Beavers, Cubs and younger Scouts, it’s definitely worth giving a couple of these a go! 

For the younger sections, this guide on teaching children about computers might be useful. They might like to make posters with information on computer care, for example, which they can share with their peers and parents. 

Stage 2 

You’ll find a really great list here of different pieces of free software to help young people learn about and practice their 3d modelling, which is a great way for them to achieve Stage 2 of their Digital Citizen Badge. 

If your young people are planning to make a poster, showing how they use the internet for research, they might like to use Microsoft Powerpoint to make it look as professional as possible. This is a really good guide to the best way to make their posters. 

Stage 3 

Young people will start to use age-appropriate social media during Stage 3 of the badge. You can find all of our advice and resources on staying safe online here

There is also a useful guide to the different kinds of social media young people will be exploring here

Stage 4 

This is an in-depth guide on how young people can use social media site LinkedIn to create their own online portfolios, and hone their social media skills. 

When it comes to building a website, there are lots of options out there for young people to make use of. This is one of our favourites for them to use to share the information they’ve researched to complete Stage 4 of the Badge.


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