#amillionhands | Bin it, don't block it!

Play this game with your Beavers and Cubs and encourage them to think about the effect that things they put down the drain could have on our waterways.

Time needed:

  • 30 minutes.

Equipment needed:

  • Bin it don't block it cards.
  • Bin it don't block it answers.

Download the cards and the answers from the #amillionhands resource pack.

What to do:

  1. Explain to the young people that they are going to be thinking about waterways such as canals and rivers locally and how we are responsible for making sure that they do not get polluted or contaminated.
  2. The young people should start thinking about how they dispose of their own waste.
  3. Play the ‘Bin it don’t block it’ game. Give the young people a set of ‘Bin it don’t block it’ cards and ask them to sort them into ‘bin it’ items and items they can flush down the toilet.
  4. To gather feedback from the game, split the room into two halves. One side of the room is ‘bin it’ and the other ‘flush it’. Read out each item and ask each group to move to the side of the room they placed the item being read out.
  5. Ask if they have ever put these items down the drains? Will they think twice before they do this again?

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