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Have your young people settled on their issue for #amillionhands? There are four amazing issues to choose from. This week, we're looking at some of the activities you could do with your Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers if they choose to take on the issue of Water Sanitation. 

The water collection device challenge

Ideal for: Cubs, Scouts and Explorers

Have a go at the water collection device challenge with your Cubs, Scouts and Explorers. They'll learn more about WaterAid's work as they design and build their own water collection devices.

Canal water walk

Ideal for: Scouts and Explorers

Try the Canal Water Walk with your Scouts and Explorers. This activity will help them understand how far people in developing countries sometimes have to walk to fetch water, and highlights how heavy water can be to carry.

Bin it don't block it

Ideal for: Beavers and Cubs

Play this game with your Beavers and Cubs and encourage them to think about the effect that things they put down the drain could have on our waterways.

No toilet

Ideal for: Cubs and Scouts

There are 2.5 billion people across the world living without a clean, safe and private place to go to the toilet. Without toilets, people have to go outdoors, which causes widespread disease and illness as well as embarrassment. Try this activity with your Cubs and Scouts to help them reflect on what life would be like without a toilet, and get them to think about solutions to the problem.

The handy hygiene game

Ideal for: Beavers, Cubs and Scouts

748 million people across the world don’t have access to safe water, and 2.5 billion don’t have access to adequate sanitation. The aim of this activity is to demonstrate how easily germs are transmitted, and as a result the importance of washing hands regularly and thoroughly.


Remember to tell us which issue you've chosen. You can tell us on the #amillionhands website.

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