Activity | Five-minute fillers week 19


Help your Scouts learn teamworking and communication skills with this week's five-minute filler.

How to play

The aim of this game is to stack a pile of cups. However, no one is allowed to touch the cups with their hands or any other part of their body, even if the cups fall over. Instead, each Scout takes hold of a long piece of string, tied tightly to a rubber band. This works best with around 6 strings per rubber band.

The team must work together, with one person on each string, to stretch the rubber band open and drop it over one cup at a time. They must then move the cups around, lift them up and stack them. The team must communicate well to make sure they don't drop the cups.

Make it more difficult

Run this activity in small groups and make it into a challenge - the highest or most stable tower wins. You could also try imposing a time limit, or to make it really difficult, try blindfolding half of the members in each group so that they have to rely on verbal communication.

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