Four healthy recipe ideas

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When you’re dashing out to your weekly Scouting session it’s tempting just to whack a ready meal in the microwave or skip dinner for a cereal bar. Here are four really quick, healthy recipe ideas to feed your soul and boost your energy levels.


Three ingredient banana pancakes

Why they’re good: You only need three ingredients, they are super simple to make, they are gluten-free and low calorie, they are ready in a matter of minutes and you can add whatever extra ingredients you like (maple syrup, berries, nuts).

Perfect for breakfast, as a light evening meal or camp treat.


Burrito bowls

Why they’re good: They're quick, lighter than the real deal and just as delicious.

Perfect for dinner and a lighter alternative to stodgy burritos.


Courgette pasta

Why it's good: It's really quick and you can add whatever you like to your vegggie pasta, pesto, pasta sauce, simple oil and seasoning...

Perfect for a light dinner, pretending your eating spag bol.


Sesame chicken

Why it's good: You can make it gluten-free and it's a tasty protein hit.

Perfect for a quick, delicious dinner or a more filling lunch.


Got a little more time and looking for something a little more luxurious? How about creamy gorgonzola and walnut risotto.

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