Activity | Five-minute fillers week 17


Energy in the group dipping a bit? Get everyone laughing and reenergised with this fast-paced game, this week’s five-minute filler.

How to play

Arrange your Scouts into a circle of chairs. Half of the Scouts should stand behind the chairs, and half sit on the chairs, leaving one chair empty. The Scouts sitting down are runners and the Scouts standing up are catchers. 

The Scout with the empty chair in front of them starts the game, by making eye contact with one of the runners sitting in a chair. The runner must jump up and run to sit in the empty chair. However, it is the catcher’s job to stop them from running. The catcher behind them must try to grab them (gently!) and sit them back down in their seat. Whichever catcher has an empty seat in front of them must wink at the next runner.

Make it more difficult

Once the Scouts have got the hang of the game, swap the runners and catchers over. Stop them from settling into their roles by swapping them around regularly. You could also make the game harder by increasing the size of the circle.

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