Activity | #BoredomBusters - Week 16


Here’s another awesome #BoredomBusters to keep your group entertained.

Craft: Paper-Mâché Planets

Inspired by Tim Peake, the former Scout now orbiting the Earth on the International Space Station? Learn about the solar system by recreating it with your group. 


Outdoor: Kim’s Game

A giant variation of the party classic, arrange 10-15 objects outside. Get the Scouts to shine their torches and remember them. Take one object away and see if they can remember what is missing. 

Flashlight Scavenger Hunt

Indoor: Lemon Volcanoes

Use up your spare lemons by turning them into bubbling volcanoes. Just add baking sofa, and watch the citric acid violently react. Add paint or washing-up liquid for even more lovely mess.

Lemonvolcano Copy 

Food: Chinese Dumplings

Challenge your Scouts to fold their dumplings in an authentic way – you can buy the pastry wrappers from Chinese supermarkets. Look for them in the freezer.


Looking for more activity ideas this weekend? Take a look at our Pinterest Boards for some inspiration.

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