Blog | 10 winter activities to put a smile on your face


Spring is just on the horizon, so there’s no need to feel down about winter. Here are ten indoor and outdoor activities guaranteed to keep your group happy.

1. Yoga

This ancient practice is low impact, so it's suitable for pretty much anyone, and it'll help you improve your core strength and flexibility. It's also really calming, so if you want to start a night in a happy mood, try a five minute yoga session with the whole group. Put on some calm music and try some easy moves coupled with deep breathing.

2. Fake Snow

Not been blessed with the white stuff where you are? No fear – you can make amazingly realistic snow (albeit warmer than the real stuff) with just a mixture of shaving foam and baking soda. This one is best to take outside as it can get a little messy.

3. Glow Stick Games

If the outside space at your meeting place isn’t well lit, use it to your advantage while the evenings are still dark. Get a load of glow stick necklaces, snap them to activate them and use them for classic playground games outside – you could try glow stick hopscotch, noughts & crosses or hoopla.

4. Bird Seed Cakes

At this time of year, the wildlife can do with a bit of help while food is scarce. Invite the local birds to pay your group a visit by putting some bird seed cakes up in the trees around your meeting place. They’re super easy to make with young people of any age.

5. Pitta Bread Pizzas

It wouldn’t be winter without some nice warming cooking activities to steam up the windows of the Scout hut. These pitta bread pizzas are simple enough to cook and eat in one evening – challenge the Scouts to create designs in their toppings, bake for five minutes and serve piping hot.

6. Paper Aeroplane Challenge

What could be more fun than spending a whole evening hurling paper aeroplanes around your meeting place? Increase the challenge by splitting your group in two and asking them to refine their designs. See who can fly the longest, in the straightest line, or which planes can carry the most coins.

7. Taste Test Challenge

Test how good your Scouts (and leaders!) are at identifying foods by cutting up lots of fruit and running some simple taste experiments. For example, if you are blindfolded and hold your nose, can you tell the difference between apple and pear? Keep score and find out who the supertasters in the group are.

8. Movie Night

Choose a short film or episode of a TV show that everyone is happy to watch. Get some comfy seating, break out the popcorn and settle in. You could even do some craft the week before to theme your decoration to the movie you’re seeing – like the awesome Star Wars party accessories in the link. 

9. Crime Scene Investigation

Have a forensic science night, playing lots of wink-murder and whodunit games. Then try some cool experiments, like dusting the hall for fingerprints using baby powder and a soft makeup brush. Take test prints from the group and use a magnifying glass to identify who last touched the objects in your meeting place.

10. Moon-Gazing

Wrap up warm on a clear night and take everyone out of the meeting place to do some stargazing. Even if you’re in a built up area, you can still have a look at the moon. See if you can borrow some binoculars – these will help you see the moon more easily. Try using a night sky app to find the location of the planets.

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