Blog | Achieve your snowsports themed badges!


Embrace the wintery weather! Help your Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Network members achieve their snowsports themed badges with these handy activity ideas.

Cubs : Skater Activity Badge

Skater Badge

Mix skate-boarding with arts and crafts and have a go at building your very own balance board! Cubs will also love decorating their boards – why not run a competition for the team who can decorate theirs the best?

Scouts : Snowsports Activity Badge

Snow Badge

Get your Scouts to build their very own indoor skis. Let them choose from craft materials - tissue boxes, laminated cardboard and thick paper are all good ones - to design the best set of indoor skis. Then let them compete! The winning team is the one who can cross the room the fastest! 

Play a game of human Hungry Hippos! Your Scouts will not be able to stop giggling after a few rounds of this life-sized classic.

For a game to give your Scouts a taste of the slopes, try having an indoor snowball fight. A total classic of course, but you can make things a little more interesting with a few simple additions...

Explorer : Skiing Activity Badge | Snowboarding Activity Badge

Skiing Activity Badge

Get fit for the slopes! Here’s a great list of activities your Explorers can do before heading off skiing or snowboarding – why not get them to run their own exercise session?

Your Explorers might also like to visit an indoor or dry ski slope too! There's a great map here of all the slopes in the UK which should be helpful. Why not get them to raise money for the trip and plan it themselves!

Scout Network : Skiing + Snowboarding

Network members might like to fundraise for their skiing or snowboarding trips abroad as one of their projects. There are lots of cool (ha) ideas for ways to raise some cash! What about hosting a warm-up coffee morning, creating a wintery wonderland for younger sections or doing a sponsored ice-skate?

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