Five-minute filler | 26 January

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Your Scouts will need to put their heads (and some cups) together for this week’s five-minute filler: The cup game!

How to play

Before starting you'll need to do a little bit of prep work. Get some paper cups (allow one between two Scouts) and cut them in two horizontally. Make sure you halve them in a variety of ways, for example with angular, jagged, or high cuts.

Once that's done it's time to play! Mix the cups up and give your Scouts a half each (obviously if you don’t have even numbers they’ll need to take it in turns). When everyone has a cup, shout go! They now have five minutes to find the person whose half exactly matches theirs. First pair wins!

Make it more difficult

You could put more intricate cuts in the cups so they're harder to match, or even use a pen to add markings and drawings that need to fit together as well. You can also give your Scouts two cups each to match up, or else reduce the time they have to find the other half.

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