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Activity  Brain games 19-01-16

With the current cold snap, here are a few games you can play indoors, even if you’re tight for space. Get your Scouts exercising their brains with games to challenge their memory, observation, concentration, and reactions.

Spot the difference

Time needed: 10 minutes

Suitable for: Beavers and Cubs

Ask one of your Scouts to volunteer and then get them to stand forward from the rest of the group. Get the group to observe them briefly, and tell them to remember the little details of their person.

Then get your volunteer to leave the room and while out there change one thing about their appearance e.g. removing glasses, changing hair, taking off a watch, before coming back in.

Once they’re back in the room your other Scouts have to work out what’s changed. The first to guess correctly wins and gets to go next at changing their appearance.


Time needed: 10 minutes

Suitable for: Beavers, Cubs and Scouts

Get your Scouts to sit in a circle and give each a number. Then, start a simple clapping 1-2-3-4 rhythm and get them to join in. Call out a Scout’s number and then they have to say their number twice and then the number of another Scout twice, in time to the clapping. 

If someone makes a mistake they’re eliminated, but stay in the circle, which makes it more difficult for the remaining players! You can also speed up the rhythm, which will encourage your Scouts to think fast.


Time needed: 15 minutes

Suitable for: Beavers, Cubs and Scouts

You’ll need some paper or Styrofoam cups and coloured blocks (like Lego) for this game. Get your Scouts to turn away from you and when they’re not looking put the objects in a grid (7x4 works well) on the table and cover with the cups.

Your Scouts take it in turn to turn over a pair of cups. If the colours of the blocks match then they can take these cups and objects away and get another go. If they don’t get matching blocks then they have to return the cups and blocks to the table. This gets the remaining Scouts to concentrate and remember which colours are where so they can match them up when it’s their turn.


Time needed: 15 minutes

Suitable for: Beavers, Scouts, Explorers

This is a fun game for playing either in camp or (given the cold!) in your hut. Get all your Scouts to close their eyes, and then ask them to number off, calling out a number for themselves without looking at or talking to each other. If anyone says a number at the same time then they have to start again.

Want more? Go online to to download more game ideas.

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