Activity | #BoredomBusters - Week 14


Fight the January blues with our first #BoredomBuster of 2016! 

Craft: Toilet roll octopus 

Toilet Roll Octopus Craft KAB

Save the cardboard tubes from inside toilet rolls, and use up the last bits of paint or string in the cupboard to make these cute recycled Octopuses. 

Outdoor activity:Welly wanging 


Utilise the wet weather and get everyone to wear their wellies one night. Get everyone to throw from behind a line, and keep score by marking one-metre intervals with chalk or tape. 

Indoor activity: What’s blood made of? 

Whats Blood Made Of

If you’ve got budding scientists in your group, help them understand human biology by making a big tub of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. 

Food: Peanut butter cornflake cookies 


A twist on the classic chocolate Rice Krispie cake, these no-bake sweets are super easy to make. If you’ve got peanut allergies in the group, try using chocolate spread instead.

Looking for more activity ideas this weekend? Take a look at our Pinterest Boards for some inspiration.

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