How to throw a Scout style NYE party!

BF New Years Eve

See in the New Year like a Scout should with these party ideas for a good time indoors and outdoors. 

Set the atmosphere...

1. Wear your best Onesie

There’s only one thing you should wear to a Scout New Year's Eve party and that’s none other than a Onesie! You can always buy one from Scout Shops here.

2. Add some sparkle indoors

Dance underneath your own sparkleball made out of plastic cups and lights! For instructions on how to make one visit here.

3. Hang up that bunting!

DIY bunting was all the craze in 2015 and a Scout party wouldn’t be as good without some decoration. Learn how to make your own bunting here.

4. Light it up

Get the barbecue going for some toasting and roasting outside!

Prep the party food...

5. Turkey dinner in a 'tater

Re-live Christmas with this jacket potatoe version of a turkey dinner. To cook, just roast the potatoes on the fire. You can find the recipe here.

6. Campfire popcorn

You can find a campfire popcorn recipe here which you can make over the fire. Instead of just having sweet or salty flavoured popcorn, why not come up with your own flavour combinations?

7. Danish dampers

Where there is fire, sticks, flour and a bit of jam… there will be dampers. Here is our take on the Scout favourite Danish dampers

Play some party games...

8. Magic Mind Games 

Amaze your friends and family with these baffling mind games that will keep you entertain for hours. Find out how to play the games here.

 9. Balloon Battle Royale 

This game is perfect if you have left over balloons from the season’s festivities. Will you be the last one standing in this game of balloon battle royale? You can learn how to play here.

Counting down

10. Slide show of the year

Spend the last moments of 2015 sitting back and watching a slide show of photos and videos of your adventurous year in Scouting!

How will you be spending New Year's Eve? Share with us your celebrations by sending us a messagine on our Twitter or Facebook pages.

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