Five wonderful ways to keep warm this winter

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It's the most wonderful time of the year, so don't spend it shivering in your dressing gown dreaming of summer sun. Use these five marvellous ideas to keep your home and Scout hut lovely and warm.


Light a campfire

Turn up the heat with a nice toasty campfire. OK, so a campfire may not be the best choice in your living room, but if you’ve got a wood-burning stove, get it lit! Or light a few candles. Sure a single tealight may not leave you swanning around in shorts and a vest, but dot a few lit candles around your room and you’ll be surprised at the heat they give off. (Also, your room will look VERY pretty.)


Make some draught excluders

A drafty house or Scout hut is the worst. Avoid the need to wear all of your jumpers at once by stopping those pesky draughts. Here’s a simple way to make one.


Maximise your radiator heat with aluminium foil

OK bear with us on this one. Apparently putting aluminium foil behind your radiator reflects the heat,that’s usually lost to the wall, back into your room. Ingenious, right? Also, make sure your radiator is clear of clothes and towels as they block out near enough all of the heat- not great in December temperatures.


Wear the right slippers

When the temperature drops, it’s all about rubber soled slippers. They’re much better at keeping the heat in than fabric soled slippers. Plus, they’re ideal when it comes to quickly popping outside to put the bins out.



There just aren’t any negatives to this tip. First of all you get some delicious hot food to warm your insides. Secondly, it gets you moving rather than sat on the sofa feeling chilly. Thirdly the heat from the stove and from the oven will significantly heat the room. Top tip, leave the oven open once you’ve turned it off to release that excess heat into the room.


Once you’re all warm and toasty take a look at some of the best Christmas movies!

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