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Discover the life and different culture of Scouts in other countries.

1. Go to and print off the list of Scout Groups across the world that would like to link up with Groups in other countries.

2. Ask your young people what they think the benefits are of being twinned with a Scout Group in another country. Talk about the differences between other cultures and why it is good to respect them.

3. Present the list to your young people; the list includes Groups from Australia and Iceland to Morocco and Japan and many others. To decide which country to twin with, put it to a vote.

4. Ask your Group to suggest things they’d like to find out about their twin Group. This could include asking questions about their favourite sport, food, pets, books, what they like doing etc.

5. Then ask your Group to think about the kinds of things they want to tell the twin Group about themselves and their lives in the UK.

6. Decide how they are going to get in touch, by letter, email, or social media (remember, children have to be age 13 and over to get a Facebook account).

7. The first communication could be in the form of a Group letter or individual notes from each member.

8. Take photographs of the Group and of the Scout meeting place to include with the letter/email. Ask the Group what other pictures they think their ‘twins’ would like to see.

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Linking with Groups in another country will give your Group an understanding of cultural differences and is a fun way to learn about another country. They’ll make new friends and there may be the opportunity for exchange visits.

Further activities  

Put together a cultural capsule of items that reflect your section’s life in the UK. Things to include could be a copy of their school timetable, a hand-drawn flag, a picture of their favourite football players and so on. Ask the Group if they have visited other countries and get them to talk about their experiences. Find out what activity badges the international Group has recently gained. If your section has the same badges, tell the twin Group what they did to get them. 

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