Eight autumn-proof outdoor activities


Just because it's turning a little grey and rainy outside doesn't mean we have to accept a season of Netflix under the duvet (though the idea is very tempting). Here are eight ace autumn-proof outdoor activities.


1. Grass sledding

One of those activities that is actually better when it's not great weather. After rain or snow the grass gets even slippier. Snow, rain, frost, bring it on!

2. Rain dancing

Forget singing in the rain and go outside to dance in it. Put your waterproofs on and use the puddles as part of the performance.

3. Build a winter bonfire

This one may be trickier in the rain, but on a dry, crisp day there's nothing cosier than huddling around a campfire and toasting some marshmallows.

4. Wrap up and go for a walk

Autumn is great for a stroll in the fresh, crisp air. Grab a flask of hot chocolate and embrace the refreshing chill.

5. Create a rain band

Make music using objects that act like percussion instruments when the rain hits them. Here's a few to start you off: saucepans, plates, cups.

6. Head out on a photo expedition

The landscape tends to be rather beautiful at this time of year, so go outdoors and take some pictures of the colourful, rich autumn landscape.

7. Rain painting

Rain painting actually exists! It can give your creation an interesting effect. Use this example as inspiration.

8. Explore the cities

Live near a city? Get out and explore it! Ditch public transport and walk around the city to discover new places the trains and buses can't reach.


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