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By Matthew Robinson, Wansbeck District Explorer Unit (Wansbeck) 

It all started after having seen tweets about A Million Hands. A few of our Explorer Scouts picked up on it to, and asked me what it was. I wasn't sure at first, having not really heard of it much myself, so I clicked the link for more information.

After looking at the website, I knew that our Explorer Scout Unit would be interested in joining A Million Hands - as it really is what Scouting is all about - so I signed us up. I downloaded the wealth of resources available online and placed them into a presentation. 

At our Explorer Forum (where, being a youth-led Unit, our members choose the Programme) we showed our Explorers the presentation and videos. Then we asked them which project would have the greatest impact on our local community. Admittedly, our local community impact hasn't been that huge recently due to other projects we've been involved in. The dementia project really resonated with our members – so we chose this to do. 

We thought we'd start off lightly before New Year by doing an introduction to dementia and A Million Hands, to reaffirm their understanding of what it was they had chosen, and why.

We then asked a dementia friend along who, in half an evening, had turned us all into dementia friends, too. We each give our pledge on the pledge cards to help support those with dementia via A Million Hands and Scouting.

Walbeck Explorers 

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