Blog | How to achieve your science-themed Activity Badges

No matter whether it's Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Explorers that you volunteer with, there's a science-themed Activity Badge on offer. Check out our ideas for achieving the badges below...

Beavers - Experiment Activity Badge 

Beavers Experiment Badge

Make a lava lamp!

Have a go at this slightly retro experiment and make an easy lava lamp with your Beavers! Using items you can find around the house (or the hut!) you can create chemical reactions, which will look just like the real thing. 

White light experiment

Create white light with your Beavers in just a few simple steps. You’re bound to have these items lying around already! 

Plant stem experiment

Explain what happens when you water your plants with this simple science experiment, using celery and water colouring. 

Cubs - Scientist Activity Badge 

Cubs Science Badge

Rolls-Royce activity pack

Download the Rolls-Royce Cub Scout scientist activity pack and try a whole host of activities (all easy to complete in just 30 minutes) with your Pack. 

Crystal growing

Talk to your Cubs about where we can find crystals (hint: they can be found anywhere from in snow to in salt!) and then make your own! 

Lemon battery

You really can create a battery with a piece of fruit – just give it a good squeeze and add some coins… 

Scouts - Meteorologist Activity Badge

 Scouts Science Badge

Make a water cycle model

Make gloomy weather that bit more interesting with this model of a water cycle, and get a better understanding of why and how it rains at the same time.

Tornado in a bottle

Learn how to make a tornado in a bottle and then explore the science behind it!

Explorers - Science and Technology Activity Badge

Explorers Science Badge

Build a vibrabot

Have your Explorers ever expressed their desire to own a vibrating robot? We thought so! Get them to make their own with this simple set of instructions.

The movement of air molecules

Answer any questions about flight (or windy weather) which your Explorers may have by doing this experiment to demonstrate the movement of air molecules…

Take a look at our blog on achieving the Navigator Staged Activity Badge here. Share your own ideas on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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